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As part of the Getting over it Inspired GameJam.


Available Here:  https://tairagames.itch.io/fish-out-of-water-2

You play a fish trying to turn off a lever.
Jump your way to the top to win.
Compete against yourself in a timed race against the clock.


Left Mouse Button - Makes fish jump towards mouse
R - Restart
*Hint* The further your mouse is from the fish, the larger the jump.

Thanks for playing :) Apologies for any bugs.

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D Platformer, Side Scroller, Unity


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This game was so enraging holy

i haet this game 


A while ago I decided to do a Let's Play for this game. I absolutely hate rage games, but I refused to rage quit on this game. Luckily, I was able to beat it without going completely and utterly insane... the last part of that sentence is debatable. Watch The Video Here:

Here is my gameplay

this is one of the best games i ever play, But I always fall through the rocks

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This game was fun and fulfilled it's purpose of making me rage ;-;

First game out of the Horror category i played for my channel,  was great but p**ed me off! :'D

This game was amazing! Made me drop my mic and made this crappy video ^

Apart from some bugs and tons of rage appearing out of nowhere, this game was really good!

Finally clear! 🤲🤲🤲 Thanks for making this game I love it

Nice game!! These getting over it games are really fun to play :D

Here's my gameplay (btw  i'm ITALIAN :D)


i came here because of markiplier

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Fish out of water? More like Fish out of Bounds amirite?


can you fix your game breaking glitch? i keep falling through the map and that is the only thing making me rage

Deleted post

This was fantastic! I had a lot of fun playing it...now I have to try number 2!

I Love this game


This game made me want to jump off a cliff 10/10 


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for some reason Fish out of Water 2 crashes on startup, but that's probably because my Graphics card is an Intel Integrated HD Graphics Chip.



So this game DEFINITELY was Getting Over It but you're a fish. It 100% lived up to its description. It was pretty difficult and even the beginning stages of the game were pretty hard to get through. The falling from near the top and hitting bottom is a very similar feeling of dread and loss of hope. The atmosphere was dark, just like my soul while I was being hammered by the loss of progress. The music was quick and upbeat, to inspire the will to go on against the inevitable failure that was to come. The tutorial was fun, but minimalistic. So that I had an idea of how to play, but no idea of the true terror that awaited me. This game was amazing! I plan on revisiting this at some point and finishing it for sure. Thanks so much for making it!

THIS IS EVEN HARDER! | Fish Out Of Water

THIS GAME THO! i am very terrible at it but found it really fun and quite funny! really awesome job on creating this! :D

Hey, I recorded a quick video of your game if you would like to check it out!

Great game. Like mentioned by others there are some bugs. Like being able to glitch through some places. Also the falling through the map! Atleast there is a reset level option so I can't really complain. I'm sure this was rushed for the game jam.

Super cool game!

Got some bugs with falling through the map at parts, but really fun.

It's basically a Fish version of "Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy" lol.

After I got a hang of the controls it was a super fun! A bit frustrating at times, but still fun.

So I fell through the map.

han I did it again.

and again,'

and again

\and again

..... not a feature, I'm sure.

if your game worked properly, perhaps I could actually play it, but after 10 minutes of getting up hill #1, and then sinking through the map into nothingness... yeah.

please fix your game's collision detection.

I'll be more than happy to provide video to show you .

I made a funny moments of this game and well I had fun but you game sucks ass. I almost cried. 

I went ahead and tried it myself, honestly a really cool concept that makes it better than other "clones", honestly difficult but the difference in width and height make it difficult to jump sometimes.

Deleted 3 years ago


My experience : Knew what I was getting into, Still played game, Rage escalates, start cussing at a fish, realize my life is a lie, continues to rage at fish. still glad I played it except falling through the map it was a solid game my play-through.

rage quit button = alt f4 (for those that need a fast exit button x3) 

I could feel myself getting better at the controls over time, which felt really satisfying. 347.97s baby.

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Nice to meet you. I'm from Korean. Your game is great!
I played this game and posted it on YouTube.
Thank you for creating a good game♥ :>!
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I beat the game in 746.5s  (Scratch that!  Second attempt in 235.53!)!!!  The first part is the hardest part guys!!  Personally I loved it!  I'll be releasing a game like this around March 30th! (and don't worry, you won't bounce like a football or slide like ice)


This gam is SUPE RAGING! IM SO MAD I WANT TO BREAK A WALL RIGHT NOW!!! But stille good game


Couldn't make it very far and had to come up with an... artistic ending.

This game is shit

Or is it?  Maybe you're just not that good at being a fish :3


I think the game overall is good, it's just not my game due to frustration. Obviously if you're a fan of Getting Over It style games then this will be right up your ally.

Overall, this game was great.  I like the idea and concept of it, and I hope to see more of this.  The only problems I encountered were the glitches where you fell through the map.  

My video features a few.

Hi chachii i saw your videos and they are great! please check out our game Fluffy Defenders, maybe you could make a video too!


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