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Once again, you sir are Fishy.

[Trailer Voice]
You've seen him before... Prepare to see him again. Doing the same thing he was doing last time but with TWICE the Difficulty and TWICE the Confusion. Collect keys, open doors and FLOP your way to the top....

Install instructions

Unzip - If you want ;)
Run FishoutofWater.exe


Fish out of Water 2.zip 186 MB


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Good game!  I was really excited to unlock the last door when I got the last key!  It made my Metroidvania side happy, but I didn't feel a ton by way of mood-shift when I fell in the water.  Having tried a similar section in my Toad Mountain game I can appreciate that it's a difficult effect to achieve, and on a psychological level I appreciated that the fish was in water, but I think harsh music when next to fire, perhaps starting out in water, or even having a meter that started depleting when the fish was out of water that killed it when it reached zero could have helped.

This all being said I thoroughly enjoyed beating the game in 1632s, I think falling into water rather than just land is a welcome extra mechanic to add to the Getting Over It formula, and the keys, though perhaps distracting from the intended mood-switch, gave me a lot of joy.  4/5!


Nice game! A bit laggy on my laptop but it's a nice game.


Really nice game, perfect "rage-quit" amount :D Very fun/furstrating/hard/nooooooo to play and very interesting mechanics. Also, really cool, that you can swim underwater, which is good, since it is a game about fish. Better than Get over it! Now, I have to continue playing - top didn't flopped itself :D

Teeny tiny tip from fellow Unity developer: Don't include UnityCrashHandler64.exe in your build - it messes up with the itch.io browser.


does twice the confusion mean im going to fall below twice as many maps as before?

and get stuick in twice as many walls? bc the collision detection was absolute rubbish in fish out of water ( 1 ) ? 

It's fixed in this game!  Besides, only the very first rock in the first level of the first game had collision issues: having beaten it three times, I can assure you.


only it wasn't the first rock.  Sure, i got trapped under that plank of wood as well- I;'m talking about clipping through the entire world mp - the mark of a poorly made game

( in multiple places. ) 


Okay; if you say so: I only had troubles with the first areas.


You will have to excuse my BF. He has anger issues. I thought the game was FUN Curt!


Goodness best friend looks like you got downvoted! Let me help with that!