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SkyRoar is a Online Multiplayer, Casual, First Person Shooter game where you do not shoot other players. Instead, you destroy the terrain trying to make others fall off. Currently in a very early developement, we offer 2 game modes...

1. Free For All - Players attempt to make others fall off map.

2. Rainbow - When a colour is called, jump onto that colour.

Very basic, but I have had fun developing it, and would like to put more effort into it. These tests should help me with improvements.

I am not asking for funding, but every little bit will help further developement of aspects I am not good at e.g. Modelling (You'll see why)

if you get on but there is nobody to play with. This is my Discord Channel full of people who might join: https://discord.gg/TKauGGj

Thanks for trying it out if you do download


  • Added Blockollector
  • Added TP Vial
  • Added Map - Forest
  • Few GUI Changes
  • Fixed Collision Bug
  • Fixed Rainbow Colour Confusion


  • 2 New Weapons
  • 1 New Map
  • Private Matches
  • More Settings (FOV, Fullscreen/Windowed)
  • Added Players Online Count
  • Added Players Alive Count
  • Added New GUI (My Poor Art)
  • Added New Particle Effects
  • FIXED: Camera Clipping
  • FIXED: Players Sliding

    Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
    (3 total ratings)
    TagsCasual, party, Voxel
    Average sessionA few minutes
    InputsKeyboard, Mouse
    MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer

    Install instructions

    1. Download

    2. Extract to Folder

    3. Run SkyRoar.exe


    SkyRoar V1.4 44 MB


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    Naked gameplay (as in no commentary :) )

    Nice idea and funny casual game to play online with friends. I suggest adding a chat. Also, settings resets everytime. Keep it up!

    1.4's new level is awesome!

    very impressive minimalism! You can ask people for joining a match on our discord: https://bit.ly/iPdscrd - the one in the description wasn't as responsive.