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Evan lives alone in the woods. He must tend to his Dickens, Fix the Tractor and Tend his Garden. Lonely, he found new friends. One way or another.

Still a WIP

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Run .exe


A Lovely Morning.zip 41 MB


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Great job dude!

Living up to its name, A Lovely Morning is quite the pleasant looking game. The combination of 2D elements in a 3D world paired with some well done lighting effects serve it well in building a simple, yet inviting environment. I feel like the scenes portrayed in the game wouldn't work nearly as well in full 2D or 3D, so this was well designed.

Great job on this. I'd love to see more games like it, or maybe even something longer.

Lovely game but for the life of me, I have no clue what the third item for the tractor is, unless it's a potted plant or the fish in the water. I see the key under it to, I just already put the gas and what I think was a battery into it. During my rampant clicking though I did get a nice time to enjoy the scenary. Got the radio to play some nice music. Noticed a lil detail and I'm also questioning 'How did that get there...'.  Overall, even if I'm stumped, lovely game. 

Beautiful game. The haunting atmosphere towards the end was superb. Posted my thoughts.

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you think you're the painter but you're the canvas

This is easily my favorite of the game jam, and it was made by the host! 

all because of one chicken the entire species missed out and had to share with ducks!